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The Gator Hole

Featured Items:

Refuge T-shirts for five of our refuges

Nature-themed shirts and hats

Books on nature and science

Friends group lapel pins

Nature-themed mugs, posters, jewelry

Children items

Hand-crafted earrings from Jabebo®

Gift cards from local photographers and Friends group member Diana Churchill.

Peterson Fields Guides

 Including the latest 6th Edition of Birds of Eastern and Central North America.  Many other birding titles also available.

Children's nature books

The American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) is a signature critter on our Refuges, drawing many visitors to see this mighty reptile in its natural habitat.  Alligators carve out open spaces in the wetlands (called "gator holes") that become mini-ecosystems and provide homes to many other animals.

We have carved out a nature and book store we call The Gator Hole within the Visitor Center at Savannah NWR.  It has become the home for a carefully selected array of books, clothing, and educational items that will enhance your understanding of the refuges and the plants and animals that inhabit them.

We now have a limited number of items for sale on our newly-designed web site for The Gator Hole.  Check it out HERE.


Folkmanis® hand and finger animal puppets

Nature-Themed T-shirts from Wild Cotton

(all shirts have Savannah National Wildlife Refuge silk-screened on left sleeve)

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